Have you ever wanted to be a master at something?

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine who was going through some painful experiences. Her family was suffering a sadness so deep that it was affecting her positive vibrations. She was stuck in a pattern of sadness and forgot how to get out of it. After we spoke, she was reminded about the spiritual lessons that she knew and suddenly said:

“I thought I’d passed this! You would figure I’d know what to do by now. Why do I keep struggling?”

I saw her pain and realized I knew exactly what she meant. Whether it’s a practice, a sport or a hobby, to be a master means to have achieved greatness and accomplishment. It means we’ve reached the pinnacle of that particular skill. But what if that isn’t actually true?

What if we, as human beings, can never be masters?

For the past five years, I’ve been focusing on my spiritual practice and have developed an arsenal of tools to help me when I’m facing tough times. But the trap that most people fall into is that once we read that spiritual book, take that course, or follow those steps, we think we’ll no longer feel pain.

We think that we’ll be happy all the time and once we complete that book or course, the work stops. But the work never stops.

We will always and forever be students.

What we need to understand is that we’re always in the learning process no matter what stage we’re in. There will always be something new to learn regardless of what you aspire to “master”. There will always be a new technique in a sport, a different way to cook a recipe, or a better way to enhance your meditation practice. In life, some lessons will keep showing up until we understand or we’ll experience the same lesson in different forms.

Life likes to keep us on our toes. Although my mind and spirit have grown tremendously throughout the years, that doesn’t mean no longer experience sadness or anxiety. Sometimes I’ll have my own life setbacks which will throw me for a loop. And I’ll find myself looking up at the sky saying “I thought I was passed this already!” But once we can understand that we’re always students, we can cut ourselves some slack and keep moving.

We’re not meant to be masters.

Think about it: If you were a master at something, the learning stops. There’s no more room for growth and if we can’t grow, we can’t evolve in becoming better humans. There is no end or final destination, it’s a continuous journey. Even the people who are “masters” in what they do will tell you that they’re always learning. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience which means that we will always learn how to handle the good and the bad. And that’s pretty dope.

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kim delarosa

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

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