As a spiritual healer, I’ve read my fair share of books.

I’m constantly learning about ways we as humans can live happy and meaningful lives. One day it occurred to me that every book I was learning and reading from all had similar lessons. These are lessons that are traced back to Ancient Babylon, Greece, and within these texts, they all discussed the power of manifesting.

In this day and age, everyone is talking about manifesting and the law of attraction…but what does it all mean?

How do we incorporate it in our lives and how do we know if we’re actually doing it right?

Here’s a breakdown:

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is another word for creating all while using the power of your mind. The law of attraction and manifesting go hand in hand. If you see yourself living in abundance, then you’ll attract abundance. If you see yourself living in sadness and negativity, then you’ll attract sadness and negativity.

It’s really that simple. Whatever you put your attention on will be replicated in your life and your future.

However, here’s where things get tricky. Most people assume that once they have the thought it should work. That their thoughts are the only resource they need to manifest. Yet in reality, just thinking about it is only a small portion of manifesting.

You attract what you FEEL, not what you think!

If you begin to think about having a brand new car but don’t FEEL like it’s possible, then it won’t work. Manifestation requires your energy more than thought. It requires you to feel good! Once you’re aware of the energy and emotions you have, it opens the pathway for manifestation to do its job.

You put out the energy that you want and you receive it. So if you feel good, good things will come. If you feel bad, bad things will come. You’re the ultimate creator of your own life.

Whatever has happened or is happening in your life can change with just a shift of your awareness.

This is the secret to creating your reality.

In 2006, a small book that started a global movement spoke about this exact topic of creating and manifesting the life you desire. You’ve probably heard of it: it’s called The Secret.

It spoke about great leaders who understood the concept of the law of attraction and how you can utilize it in your everyday life. However, after people read the book, the messaging started to take a turn.

People suddenly thought if they worked on manifesting, if they made the vision board, were aware of their thoughts and feelings, then everything will happen on their time. People started to manic manifest and put timelines on the dreams they desired.

They began to put deadlines on the manifesting process and once it didn’t meet their standards, they immediately said it was a waste of time and stopped.

Understand that it takes time and patience!

In the film version of The Secret, they described the law of attraction as a genie from the ancient folk tale Aladdin. The genie comes out of the lap and the first thing he says is “Your Wish Is My Command”.

I hated that they used this concept. Why?

Because it gave people the impression that the Universe is Amazon Prime. We order something and it should arrive the next day. Once we want something we should have it just because we want it. And if we don’t get it, that means the Universe doesn’t love us. That’s NOT what manifesting means!!

What the book and the film failed to express is that during our manifestation, we have to be willing to understand that we are CO-CREATING with the Universe. The Law of attraction says yes you do need to vibrate at a higher frequency…but you’re not doing this alone.

You have to be open to better possibilities!

We oftentimes think that life is linear when it most certainly isn’t. That’s where the Universe comes in to help! You have to be willing to open your heart to other possibilities.

For example, we may think we want to have a billion dollars because it will bring us happiness when in reality, money can sometimes bring more sadness and depression. We may think we want to get promoted in the job we have now but the reality might be that there’s something better out there for us.

If something doesn’t work out in your favor, it means something better is coming for you. It means you need to stick to feeling good, be patient, and believe that good things are coming. That is the true art of manifesting.

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kim delarosa

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