There is a point where your ego just gets in the way.

Today’s topic might be “no-duh” advice, but you’d be surprised. Checking your ego it’s not that simple. Especially if you’re just starting your fitness journey but if you want success, you need to leave your ego at the door.

As an athlete, I use to run 3 miles without stopping and lift 25 lbs of dumbbells as if they were light as air. Since I knew that about my past, I thought: “I don’t have to work on these anymore because I’m already awesome.”

This is why when I got back to the gym and realized that I cannot run 3 miles or even pick up a 15 lbs dumbbell…I was pissed!

I realized I couldn’t do this anymore.

I would see the athletes next to my lift heavier, run faster, and think “Why can’t I lift like that!?” So like a dumb dumb, I added more weight only to just FAIL and having to drop the weight down. My ego was crushed! I felt so stupid thinking that I was so weak and how I will never be as strong as I use to be. But here’s the thing:

You can…just not right now.

As I spoke to my coach about this, she immediately pointed out “You’re not slowing down, you’re making adjustments.” It made me realize that everything will come long as I’m be patient and consistent! For me to even think that I could come right out of the gate lifting an enormous amount of weight is just silly. But it wasn’t me who wanted to lift that heavy – it was my ego. Which is when I have to tell my ego:


If you haven’t been to the gym for a long time, you can’t expect to lift all the weights. That’s illogical and can cause major harm to your body. You’re not going to be a master after just a few sessions…and that’s okay! As long as you stay consistent and trust the process – the weight will naturally grow.

It doesn’t mean you’re weak or you’re a loser. Don’t compare yourself to someone who has been training for years. Matter of fact just doesn’t look at anyone else in the gym. Focus on your own process and the more you keep at it, the stronger you’ll be!

Was there ever a time where you had to put your ego in check?

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Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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