A few days ago while shopping around my favorite place (Barnes and Noble), I was overhearing a conversation between two women about happiness and the power of spirituality.

One of the women expressed her spiritual practice and said she’s chosen to make sure her mood will always remain happy, no matter what. She forces herself to be happy all day, every day, 24/7 in order to stay aligned. When I walked out of the book store my immediate thought was:

“Geez really? Why would anyone do that?”

Now don’t get me wrong – I would rather be happy than being miserable. Who wouldn’t want to live in happiness 24/7? The only problem I have with that idea is…well…it isn’t real.

It’s impossible to be happy all the time.

For human beings to have to force happiness on themselves doesn’t seem authentic to me. In fact, I believe that mentality is what drives people away from being spiritually aligned in the first place.

Others might protest this information but I’m a realist. If someone tells you that they never feel sad or angry and how they’re always happy – they’re lying. To say that my life is a constant display of sunshine and rainbows since I read tarot and help others heal would be false.

I’m human and I have off days. We ALL have off days because it’s absolutely normal.

However, the problem is I’ve seen spiritual leaders and healers express this notion that in order to tune into your intuition, you have to always be in a never-ending state of happiness, peace, and tranquility. When let’s face it how often do we find ourselves that way?

You’re allowed to have an off day.

Having off days are just as important as the happy ones. We have to allow ourselves to be upset, angry, or mad when things become too difficult or when life keeps throwing us the same lesson over and over in order for us to learn. Sadness and anger are healthy emotions for us to experience.

To simply use spirituality as a mask in order not to feel defeats the purpose of our growth.

We see things in the self-care community about staying in the positive light. Which is true, it’s always best to try and stay positive. But if we have those days where we just can’t shake it off or we find ourselves in a funk, there’s a lesson for you to learn there.

It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be sad or scared. These emotions don’t make you weak regardless of what family, friends, and society have told you. Instead of dismissing these emotions and the off days, use them to your advantage.

Use it to grow!

Your off days are for you to literally take a step back and get yourself together. Almost your cellphone that’s on low battery, step back, sit down and recharge.

Look at your day and ask yourself how can this help me?

Don’t try to force the anger or sadness away immediately. Sit with it. Feel it. These emotions are not something to toss aside or throw out. And they are definitely not to be ashamed about. The Universe likes to troll us hard and from my personal experience, this thing called like can be a pain.

If you can’t give yourself permission to be human and feel all the feelings, allow me to do it for you. You now have permission to feel! You’re not a bad person for strayed from your path if you have an off day. We all have off days, including the people who seem to have everything together. Just make sure you give yourself the room to feel it and look at the lesson that needs to be learned.

In short – give yourself a break every once in a while love. We’re all doing the best we can.

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Til next time homies,

kim delarosa

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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