Kimberly Delarosa

Kimberly Delarosa is a freelance writer and journalist covering mental health and wellness in America. She hosts the Mindful Health Podcast, where she shares research on balancing mental health and wellness in everyday living. She is also a columnist for Middle Pause, focusing on women before, during, and after menopause. 

A former editor at her college magazine, Delarosa began her career as a content writer, creating newsletters, articles, emails, research reports, and instruction manuals for multiple businesses. She later collaborated with news outlets and publications and was featured in MotherlyShe’s SINGLE Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Cannabis Life Network, and more.

Her work combines storytelling, guidance, research, and inspiration on living a healthy lifestyle in today’s modern world. Through her work and creative approach to health, Delarosa has made it her mission to help provide the best practical knowledge and steps for people looking to expand their overall wellness. 

She lives in Westchester County with her husband, son, and two black cats. You can follow her on social media under the handle @kimdelaro or subscribe to her newsletter!